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Each Student is required to have the following equipment and supplies. This equipment list is discussed in detail at each Academic Orientation. All diving equipment is required by the 5th week of training, for the first day of the Light Weight Introduction Class. Estimated cost of the required, basic dive equipment is up to $4500. This is based on equipment and package deals offered to DIT students by NW Dive Supply and other dive shops in Seattle.

Required Gear

  • Dry Suit with Inflation Whip: Must have in order to pursue requirements for Canadian Certification (CSA Z275.4). 
  • Undergarments: A wicking layer is needed to be worn under the dry suit.
  • Five Finger Diving Gloves and Hood: Either drysuit or wetsuit five finger gloves and a drysuit or a wetsuit hood will work.
  • Snoopy Cap: A snoopy cap is a custom made liner to wear under dive helmets. Because the snaps must be configured to fit different DIT training helmets, we recommend purchasing this through NW Dive Supply.
  • Safety Harness and Safety Snap Shackle: Must be a minimum five-point harness. Safety Snap Shackle will be attached to the weight integrated harness. Note: Can be purchased through NW Dive Supply
  • Dive Knife with harness clip: Stainless Steel, folding, and locking knife.
  • Lead Weights: (minimum of 40 lbs)
  • Dive Watch: Water resistant to 200 meters. Must have stopwatch function or a rotating bezel. You must be able to see it underwater.
  • Mask, Snorkel, and Fins
  • Gear Bag
  • Underwater Flashlight with batteries
  • Bail Out Regulator Set w/ protective case
  • Chafing Boots: Attached to suit or overboots. (For protection of the feet and neoprene socks)
  • Combination Padlock
  • Leather Work Gloves
  • Safety Boots/ Shoes: Topside, steel toed all leather work boots

Equipment is available for purchase at NW Dive Supply

optional additional equipment

  • Coveralls: Mechanics style coveralls are worn over the wetsuit or drysuit for protection
  • Wet Suit: We recommend a two piece 1⁄4‘’ (7mm) “Farmer John” style wet suit. Note: When using a wet suit at DIT, it must include hood, booties, and five finger gloves.
  • Shackle Breaker
  • Blue palm gloves

Equipment is available for purchase at NW Dive Supply