NWDS Staff

Dawn Brown

operations retail manager

Dawn was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in the South. Dawn worked for the Dallas Cowboys for 5 years before moving to Seattle. She has 15+ years experience in retail merchandising, inventory control and accounting.

Sofia Cardozo NW Dive Supply

Sofia Cardozo

Retail assistant manager

Sofia moved to Seattle from Missoula, MT three years ago. She is second generation Colombian-American, and is bilingual in both English and Spanish. Sofia received a major in ecological biology and a minor in music from the University of Montana and has proceeded to work in a field where she can pursue her passion for wildlife and the ocean. In her free time, Sofia enjoys recording violin for various artists across the PNW. She also goes scuba diving as frequently as she can and is currently enrolled in the NAUI Divemaster program.

Bobby Roe NW Dive Supply

Robert Roe

Gear Specialist

Bobby was born in Columbus, Ohio (“Go Buckeyes”) in 1983. As a child, Bobby traveled with his family while his father was in the Navy (CPO). When his father retired from the Navy in 1989, Bobby’s family returned to the Pacific Northwest and settled in Everett, Washington. At age 14, Bobby started working for his grandfather in a furniture/woodworking business, where his grandfather taught him the use of various hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery. At age 17, Bobby became a supervisor in his grandfather’s company with a crew of 5 employees. When his grandfather retired and closed the business, Bobby then worked in the construction field until he enrolled at DIT in 2009.
After graduating from DIT, Bobby worked for an inland diving company based in Montana and was promoted to dive supervisor after a short time. He spent 3 years working with the inland company, and traveled throughout the United States before joining the Life Support and Facilities team at DIT. Bobby is a certified Kirby Morgan Hat Technician and trainer. He teaches the monthly Kirby Morgan Hat Technician course for graduates and members of the diving community.