We are the only Authorized Dealer on the West Coast to offer Gorski annual service certification AND technician certifications!

Commercial Hats

Kirby Morgan

  • Technician Certification $500.00


  • Annual Service G3000SS $549.95
  • Annual Service G2000SS $399.95
  • Technician Certification $599.95

Ocean Technology Systems

  • Annual service Intersperio/AGA $249.95
  • Annual service OTS Guardian $169.95

equipment services


  • Overhaul/Annual Service
  • Diagnostic Inspection/Flow Bench Test


  • Inflator Overhaul
  • Bladder Leak Test
  • Patching


  • Air Leak test
  • Repair / Replace / Install
  • Wrist & Neck Seals
  • Pockets
  • Zippers
  • Patching
  • Seams

Cylinder services

  • Cylinder Hydrostatic Test $50.00

    1. A visual inspection of the cylinder as per industry standards.
    2. Cylinder is pressure tested above working pressure as per DOT standards.
    3. Cylinder is marked with a new hydrostatic inspection stamp.
    4. A one year visual inspections sticker is applied.

  • Cylinder Visual Inspection $19.95

    1. Steel and Aluminum cylinders are visually inspected for imperfections such as cracks, pitting, contamination, rust, etc.
    2. Inspection of entire cylinder and valve is included.
    3. A one year visual inspections sticker is applied.

  • Cylinder Maintenance: Tumble $18.75

    Cylinder is drained, filled with appropriate media/cleaning solution and rolled in place until cleaned.

  • Cylinder Maintenance: Nitrox Cleaning $37.50

    Cylinder is visually inspected then cleaned for oxygen compatibility.

  • Cylinder Maintenance: Burst Disc Replacement $12.00
  • Cylinder Maintenance: Valve Overhaul $37.50

Shop Rate: $75/Hour

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